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Looking Forward
We have wrapped up 2016! You can still access the resources below.
We closely work with school students and teachers across New Zealand to help students realise the potential of working in the ICT Industry.

We do this by holding various workshops, sessions, representing at events, running competitions at multiple events!

We also do this by building multiple short training courses that focus on quick learning and tangible outcomes. You can view our latest Game Development course below or on Channel 9.

If you are a teacher, you can host and run this course at your school. More information here!
All the videos in the Game Development Series are listed below.



1. Layout

Learn about Construct 2 and its layout.

2. Sprites

Learn about the images and animations.

3. Scrolling

Add a scrolling background.

4. Platforms

Add platforms in your game.

5. Obstacles

Add obstacles in your game.

6. Character

Add the 'Hero' player to your game.

7. Scoring

Implement scoring for your game.

8. Screens

Add Start and End screens to your game.

9. DreamSpark

Activate DreamSpark to get free access to Microsoft's tools, services and cloud platform.

10. Publishing

Publish your game as a website onto Microsoft Azure.

11. Extra Features

Optional Video that talks about the additional features that you could add to the game.

Microsoft has ended its pilot programme in schools and we are working with passionate students, teachers and the ministry to empower the next generation of techies!