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Microsoft Student Accelerator is a great way for your company to work on interesting, off-beat and innovative ideas where you get a chance to take a Student team to your company over 10 weeks during the summer break.

The students will be trained by Microsoft over various industry-relevant technologies like Web, JavaScript, C#, Xamarin, Microsoft Azure and more.

In return you will be required to provide the student team with a dedicated mentor and opportunity for them to get involved in the company processes to get a feel for the industry before they graduate!

You can download and review the Employer Handbook for further details.
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MSA is also a great way to network with the next generation of developers/IT professionals and you can showcase some of cool work you are doing directly to the students!

We will be running multiple "Tech Talk" and "Industry Talk" type sessions and encourage you to get in touch with our team at to get involved in some of those.
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Program Schedule
  • March to September

    Phase 1

    Students go through self-paced virtual training, in person workshops and Employer Networking evenings.
  • July to September

    Students build innovative mobile apps with the help of the MSA team.
  • September to November

    Phase 2

    Microsoft provides industry relevant work training to tertiary students and career changing talks to high school students.
  • December to February

    Phase 3

    Students work on innovative projects at Microsoft Partners.
  • November to March

    Imagine Cup

    Students build their world changing projects for the Microsoft Imagine Cup.