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The MSA programme focuses on 3 key initiatives to launch students into a career in IT.


We run Construct 2 workshops, provide IT training and organise inspirational industry speakers for schools across New Zealand.


We prepare Tertiary Students across New Zealand for work placement by providing innovative, relevant training that helps them thrive on projects with our partners.


We provide the opportunity and resources to students to empower them when they start thinking about launching their own start up through the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

In 2015, we trained over 2000 tertiary and 350 high school students. See Infographic from 2015-16.




Register now for MSA 2016!
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Program Schedule
  • March to September

    Phase 1

    Students go through self-paced virtual training, in person workshops and Employer Networking evenings.
  • July to September

    Students build innovative mobile apps with the help of the MSA team.
  • September to November

    Phase 2

    Microsoft provides industry relevant work training to tertiary students and career changing talks to high school students.
  • December to February

    Phase 3

    Students work on innovative projects at Microsoft Partners.
  • November to March

    Imagine Cup

    Students build their world changing projects for the Microsoft Imagine Cup.